Can’t speak I am so angry/frustrated!

Can't speak

I am speechless! Gobsmacked! Incredibly angry and not angry all at the same time depending on what bit I focus on.

So much so, that I just can’t talk about it. Maybe later when it’s all sorted (if it all gets sorted).

The subject being V, cars, money, not thinking ahead or being responsible, etc.

Of course, V says it’s for me – but really it’s for him as well. V shouldn’t be allowed to be spoken to by salespeople. I should have been there.

Cazzo Alice, nearly cazzo ZoneAlarm

Cazzo Alice

Had a few problems over the last few days. As you may know by this post I had the problems with ADSL. At the end of it, methinks, it was almost certainly Alice’s fault (Alice being the brand name for Telecom Italia’s ADSL service and not some random girl; it’s actually pronounced aleechay and not aliss).

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Mozzies; on holiday all the time; ice-cream; Wimbledon and weather

Well, summer has truly started. Not only is it hot, and I mean hot all the time, even during the night, but the mozzies are well and truly back – big time.

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A Grand Day Out

In the UK, if someone suggests a trip out, where you were going to travel for two hours to get there and two to get back, you would tend to make a day of it. So, for instance, when we lived in Herefordshire and you decided to go to, let’s say Aberystwyth, you would set of at, say, 10 a.m., reach Aberystwyth, have lunch, enjoy the afternoon having a walk around and set off home at 6 or 7 p.m.

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V’s Quote of the Day (a few days ago)

After V had received a telephone call from friends we were on the way to visit. They had told him where to go and he was repeating some of it back (as you do). But I wasn’t really listening.

A – Where are we going?

V – What did I just say?

A – I don’t know. That’s what I’m asking, where are we going?

V – I don’t know that’s why I asked you if you heard what I just said.

It’s a surreal conversation and you just had to be there. I think that could almost be a Quarsan saying; although, to be honest, his are usually better. After that I just kept completely silent.